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Happy holidays from the Postle lab!




Behind the masks (left to right): Andy Hoerst, Noah Loftis, Mattia Pietrelli, Chunyue Teng, Kimberly Stathas, Jacqueline Fulvio, Jiangang Shan, Josh Chung

Behind the masked in the Zoom: Yun Ding



Graduate student Jiangang Shan proudly brandishes his Raspberry Pop Tart of Accomplishment recognizing the acceptance of his Stage 1 Registered Report at PLoS Biology.





















Not to be outdone by Giannis, Giannis

Dr. Chunyue Teng proudly brandishes the Pain-au-Chocolat-of-Accomplishment recognizing her two papers appearing in the first half of 2021.

Dr. Chunyue Teng




Emerging from quarantine after over a year called for a brisk walk along the Mendota Lake Path - it was only the beginning of a long-awaited reunion with all of the lab members! The chilly wind was certainly no match for the warm hugs and happy faces.



Left to Right: Jacqueline Fulvio, Brad Postle, Chunyue Teng, Mattia Pietrelli 



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