Univerity of Wisconsin-Madison

Lab Meeting
Summer 2022


June 10 

Kwak, Y. & Curtis, C.E. (2022). Unveiling the abstract format of mnemonic representations. Neuron, 110, 1-7


June 17

Fehring, D.J., Pascoe, A.J., Haque, Z.Z., Samandra, R., Yokoo, S., Abe, H., Rosa, M.G.P., Tanaka, K., Yamamori, T., & Mansouri, F.A. (2022). Dimensions of visual information interacts with working memory in monkeys and humans. Scientific Reports, 12:5335.


June 24

Zhou, H., Su, C., Wu, J., Li, J., Lu, X., Gong, L., Geng, F., Gao, Z., & Hu, Y. (2022). A domain-general frontoparietal network interacts with domain-preferential intermediate pathways to support working memory task, Cerebral Cortex, 1-14.


July 1

No meeting (Brad away)


July 8

Nee, D.E. (2021). Integrative frontal-parietal dynamics supporting cognitive control. eLife, 10:e57244.


July 15

Rust, N.C. & Cohen, M.R. (2022). Priority coding in the visual system. Nature Reviews Neuroscience

July 22

Moerel, D., Grootswagers, T., Robinson, A.K., Shatek, S.M., Woolgar, A., Carlson, T.A., Rich, A.N. (2022). The time-course of feature-based attention effects dissociated from temporal expectation and target-related processes. Scientific reports, 12:6968.

July 29

Mishra, A., Marzban, N., Cohen, M.X., & Englitz, B. (2021). Dynamics of Neural Microstates in the VTA-Striatal-Prefrontal Loop during Novelty Exploration in the Rat. Journal of Neuroscience, 41(32), 6864-6877.

August 5

Momennejad, I., Lewis-Peacock, J., Norman, K.A., Cohen, J.D., Singh, S., Lewis, R.L. (2021). Rational use of episodic and working memory: A normative account of prospective memory. Neuropsychologia 158, 107657, 1-13. 


August 12

Suhaimi, A., Lim, A.W.H., Chia, X.W., Li, C., Makino, H. (2022). Representation learning in the artificial and biological neural networks underlying sensorimotor integration. Science Advances, 8, eabn0984.


August 19

Ni, A.M., Huang, C., Doiron, B., & Cohen, M.R. (2022). A general decoding strategy explains the relationship between behavior and correlated variability. eLife, 0:e67258.


August 26

Chiang, F.-K., Wallis, J.D., & Rich. E.L. (2022). Cognitive strategies shift information from single neurons to populations in prefrontal cortex. Neuron, 110, 709-721. 

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