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A congratulatory toast to Dr. Mattia Pietrelli on receiving his PhD and becoming an official postdoc in the lab!


Top row: Brad Postle, Chunyue Teng, Mattia Pietrelli
Bottom row: Quan Wan



Top row: Brad Postle, Jiangang Shan, Mattia Pietrelli
Bottom row: Quan Wan


*Also present at the "party", but not currently talking: Jacqueline Fulvio, Qing Yu, Arushi Gupta, & Breanna Hambuch



Postle lab ambushing Florian Fiebig's Zoom Room at (e)CNS 2020.


Top to bottom: Florian Fiebig, Quan Wan, Brad Postle, Qing Yu, & Jacqueline Fulvio



Top: Florian Fiebig, Quan Wan, Brad Postle

Middle: Qing Yu, Jacqueline Fulvio, Jiangang Shan

Bottom: Chunyue Teng



Quan's Birthday Celebration!


Top row: Jacqueline Fulvio, Mattia Pietrelli, Zengbo Xie & Josh Chung

Middle row: Jiangang Shan, Chunyue Teng, Qing Yu & Quan Wan

Bottom row: Arushi Gupta, Brad Postle & Breanna Hambuch



Farewell to Qing.

We will dearly miss Qing Yu, who starts her independent career at the Institute of Neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Shanghai) in September . Additionally, we took advantange of the event to bestow a backlog of Baked Goods of Accomplishment! (see Publications page see Publications page)


Qing shows off bag of Savory-Baked-Goods-of-Accomplishment, before announcing 'I'm going to miss American food.' LOL



Qing shows off a rare first printing of the second edition of Essentials of Cognitive Neuroscience, signed by the author.


Jackie, with her hands that fit into the PPE gloves, distributes the spoils.


So nice to have (part of) the group together, however briefly, however distantly.

Lab Dinner Pre-Covid

Left to Right: Jiangang Shan, Mattia Pietrelli, Chunyue Teng, Quan Wan, Qing Yu, Jacqueline Fulvio, and Breanna Hambuch

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